Being truly interdisciplinary in nature, the PhD curricula at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (Dr.rer. nat. and Dr. tech.) will serve as guidance for the detailed specification of ECTS points since both curricula have been going through intensive consultation processes and fully reflect the requirements of the Bologna declaration and the Berlin communiqué.

The primary activity of the doctoral students is the respective research work concerning their thesis with related high quality publications. The carefully designed research programme prevents doctoral students from being overloaded with too many lectures and courses.

This formalised education-through-research programme links the Geospatial disciplines with other fields of natural sciences, computer science and social science research.The curriculum is based on the current doctoral curriculum framework at Science Faculty of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS), which is on purpose not overloaded with coursework and provides a relatively lean structure.

Please find all relevant information concerning the doctoral programme of the Faculty of PLUS here: Doctoral studies.